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You have made a lot of efforts to paint all this.
I managed to pass this game on the second try.
Therefore I put the highest score.

The snowman mystery isn't solved.
I think it is last puzzle (there are a star, two balls and gift-box at the christmas tree)

Maybe there is too few hints in the game.
Maybe something doesn't work in the game.

Shuinvy responds:

You can see the colorful ribbons for hints of the snowman :)

Thank you for your first game.
Everything started with something.

But dialogs in begining of the game are too fast
(English isn't native language for me).
And end-screen should be the more beautiful, because it should be reward for walkthrough.
(I watched, you corrected it in your next games)

Dignities of the game:
Good fantasy of author let her create new small world.
Beside, all we like to dream about other worlds, even if they are a bit creepy.

Game isn't too hard and justifies the title "flash game".

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for the comments and playing my game :)

Yeah, the speed of the dialog is copy from original language one( Traditional Chinese).

I may try to finish the second part after my busy time ;)

And this game is based on my article(I-Yuan), the comic Du-Wei Enterprise Co,ltd is after it( the character almost same except the girl XD)

I think I should find a game engine to make games efficiently someday!

I have done it!
The Frank's Mystery was solved :)

I used integrals, complex variables, analytic geometry and advanced mathematics... it's joke :)

I really solved this puzzle. And I'll give a hint at the end of this commentary.

= My review
This is not a monotonous game. Shuinvy came up with various quests.

And I was pleased with the right attitude to children at the game end :)

Thank to Shuinvy and to Davis Meleod (who help translate the game to the English, his name is written on the end-titres)

= The hint of the The Frank's Mystery
...look only in the FRANK- book, only at numeral.
And mentally do something with it.
(there are all the necessary information for four-digit password)

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for playing and this reviewing :)

I changed the hint of Frank's puzzle after others' suggestion.
I'm glad the changing is useful ;)


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